generative v3

During November and December 2012, I presented a multichannel sound installation at the AVA gallery in Cape Town. The installation consists of several hours of field recordings from in and around Cape Town, together with other source material which is played back from 3 devices set to random, repeat playback. The result is a continuous, ever-changing stream, reflecting a sonic experience of the city which has been my home for the past 27 years.


Subsequently, the installation was one of several works presented at the Spazioersetti gallery in Udine, Italy on the 25th / 26th of May 2013 during the - Are You Listening? - event which featured a selection of multi-channel sound installations and electroacoustic compositions by international artists submitted to Spazioersetti in response to their open call for works.
The Spazioersetti gallery is entirely dedicated to works dealing with sound and space.

More about the event and the artists whose work was featured here >>>


Excerpts from the installation have also been featured on Cities & Memory website here and here.


The following are 8 stereo mixdown extracts from the installation.

>> download .zip

>> link to this album on archive.org